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For the convenience of our subscribers, our USDA Information page is supplied to give you quick and easy access to the rice related reports issued by the USDA. We also have included some other key information links.

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World Market Price and Loan

World Market Price and LDP - announced weekly on Wednesdays, 7:00am ET. The rice World Market Price value factors are announced each week as a part of the rice Marketing Loan program under the US Farm Bill. Latest Rice and Cotton LDP announcements archive  

FSA Loan reports - This link will take you to the Farm Services Agency Commodity Loan Rates web site.

Crop Reports

Crop Progress  - posted weekly on Mondays 4:00pm during the growing season. These reports give updates on the rice crop as to the percent planted, percent emerged, percent harvested, and rice crop condition as it progresses. Also all Crop Progress reports are available.

Supply and Use (pdf version)   RICE only Charts  - These reports are issued on a monthly basis usually between the 9th and the 15th of each month. The USDA issues these reports in both text and PDF formats. also provides an edited version with only the two rice tables for your convenience. Also all Supply and Use reports are available.  Another tool is the World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates at a Glance where you can select the data you want displayed.

Rice Outlook - These rice reports are issued by the Economic Research Service division giving a comprehensive update on the US rice crop. The reports are usually released the next business day after the Supply and Use reports. Also all Rice Outlook reports are available.  USDA Rice Baseline Projections

The Rice Yearbook datasets - This dataset contains the U.S. rice production, yield, state acreage, supply, use, trade, and price data. Also included are domestic and international rice trade, including U.S. imports and exports, as well as domestic and global rice prices and world rice supply and use. 

Prospective Plantings (pdf) - Issues annually at the end of March. The report has estimates for the US planted rice acreage. All Prospective Plantings reports.

Rice Acreage  (PDF) - Issued annually at the end of June. This report has planted acreage estimates for the current US crops and projections for the harvest. All Rice Acreage reports.  FSA Crop Acreage Data page.

Crop Production   Crop Production Annual Summary  - This report is issued in Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, and a January report has final planted acreage for rice and production figures for rice for the US Crop. All Crop Production reports.

Rice Stocks (pdf format) - Issued by the  in Jan, Mar, Aug, and Oct (CA only). These reports have updates on US rice crop inventory at various locations. All Rice Stocks reports.

Published Estimates Data Base - Supplied by the National Agricultural Statistical Service, NASS publishes U.S., state, and county level  agricultural statistics (area planted, harvested, yield, production, price) for many commodities and data series. Your custom, query dataset will be available in a file for easy use in your database or spreadsheet.

Rice: World Markets and Trade    - These reports are issued by the Foreign Agricultural Service division as a part of the monthly USDA "Grain: World Markets and Trade" report giving an update on the rice production, rice consumption, and rice exports of the world rice crops. Reports are usually issued on the same day as the Rice Outlook reports.  Also, see the PDS Online tables

World Agricultural Production (production briefs)  - Also issued by the Foreign Agricultural Service. These tables show estimates for rice acreage, rice  yield, and rice production for various crops including rice.  World Agriculture Production Archives

USDA Crop Explorer -- The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural  Service has launched a new Web site that provides easy-to-read crop condition information for most agricultural regions in the world.  Crop Explorer automatically extracts crop and weather indicators from a database and provides that information graphically for users.

Export Sales Report

Export Sales Highlights - Issued weekly on Thursday 8:30am ET. Has highlights of the week's reported rice sales and rice export and various US commodities.  Some historical data can be found at the main  All Grains Export Sales Report page.

Rice Export Sales - Issued weekly on Thursday 8:30am ET. Has details of the week's reported sales of US rice.

Tenders and Food Aid Programs


All Kansas City Commodity Office PL480 rice tender announcements.  Click this link, then click "FSA-Intl Packaged" then click on the year of your choice, then select the month of invitations you want to see, then click the individual tender.

Also see the tenders page for the most recent tenders.  

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